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ALira Care

Alira Care Solutions is a NDIS services provider that complies with common wealth government requirements for the delivery of quality and safe disability support services

ALira Care

Alira care solutions is a disability services provider based in Melbourne, Victoria. It provides a range of in-home and community-based support services for people with disability.

Alira Care Solutions

Alira Care Solutions is a NDIS service provider that conforms with the common wealth government’s requirements for the delivery of quality and safe disability support services. We intend to set up an environment that ensures everybody feels equal, included, and genuinely concerned about in general. A place where people with special needs can feel a sense of belonging while receiving the caring assistance and attention they need. We believe our specialized treatments will restore health, promote well-being, and improve the overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities.


Alira care Disability services

Alira care solutions’ professional caregivers are passionate about improving the lives of people with disabilities.  Our team consists of specialized nurses, concerned caregivers, competent therapists, and other experts who work together to provide tailored care.

We work alongside our clients, assisting them to develop and retain their abilities, acquire self-confidence, and actively engage in decision-making processes related to their care. By encouraging independence, we enable individuals to live life to its fullest and make valuable contributions to their communities.

We believe that everyone is unique, and so is our strategy when it comes for interacting with our clients. Our care emphasizes the individual, as well as taking into account their particular requirements, preferences, and interests. We work together with our clients and their families to create tailored care plans that promote autonomy, dignity, and a healthy lifestyle.



Alira Care Solutions is a registered NDIS provider that provides Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to accommodation for people who require expert housing solutions, including assistance in the delivery of supports that respond to their extreme functional impairment or exceptionally high support needs. It involves person-to-person assistance with daily living activities such as dressing, toileting, safely transferring in and out of bed, and getting to appointments. Alira Care Solutions, as SDA provider, offers modern SDA homes in Melbourne with ample of support in a loving, home-like setting. Join the community and experience independent living in our SDA NDIS homes in Melbourne, where you’ll have all the amenities you require to be comfortable and achieve your goals. The NDIS can help you move into a specially constructed home that is specifically tailored to your needs.


OUR Services

We offer multiple services to assist individuals with disabilities in every aspect of their lives. And to make living easier for them.


  • Therapeutic Support
  • Community Nursing Care​
  • Exercise, Physical Person Training
  • Innovative Community Participation ​

Capital Services

  • Vehicle Modification
  • Vision Equipment
  • Personal Mobility Equipment
  • Assistive Products -Household Task

Core Services

  • Assistive Products -Household Task
  • Assist Products-Personal Care/Safety
  • Household Tasks
  • Interpret/Translate

Accommodation Services

Explore the fundamental aspects of our Accommodation Services that distinguish us and foster an environment in which every participant may flourish, grow, and live a fulfilling life:

Support Coordination

Our disability support coordination service is intended to assist individuals in their NDIS journey and empower them to establish independent and valuable lives.

Personal Activities

Our role is to assist people with disabilities in performing basic daily personal chores as a NDIS service provider. We take on extensive examinations to identify the precise

Household Tasks

Our household job assistance services comprise a wide range of vital tasks that retain your home. Alira Care solutions handle activities, such as food preparation

Daily Life Activities

NDIS Assistance with Daily Life refers to all of the duties and tasks that we perform on a daily basis. This includes getting

Community Participation

Alira Care Solutions assists you to explore a nearby café, join a netball team, go hiking with a friend, take a craft class, acquire work experience

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